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Making Your Site More User Friendly

Here are my 3 best techniques for staying clear of common website usability mistakes.

Some of the worst kinds of mistakes you can commit with your business site are related to usability. The thing about this is they can range in the dozens and each of them will have a negative impact on your site performance. How far you want to take this is entirely up to you, but if you’re serious about what you’re doing you’ll be comprehensive in scope. Be sure to increase your knowledge in this critical area because you have to know before you can prevent usability mistakes.

Are you certain that your audience is young and never with anyone over the age of 40? One of the most basic usability practices is the feature for enlarging text. So then it becomes a matter of adjusting to the age of your market because you could have an older demographic. Be sure all your site images are still looking good and where they should be if you use this font size change feature.

Some of the ready made apps for this are not the easiest to figure out, so get help if you must.

One thing you should never do is only provide banner images that show text only. Talk to your web designer about this. In case this does happen, this needs to be fixed. Sometimes it is never an issue. The reason you want to avoid this is PDAs typically have a problem viewing these images. Using these images, the text will look pixelated and not rendered whatsoever. The usability of these images on your site will be very poor, especially if you use font resizing. Since the text will resize in a strange way, your visitors will not think very highly of what you’ve done. Though this may seem like a small problem, you want to try to avoid any problems that can be unfavorable.

Just like your main site, your mobile site needs to be optimized for optimal usability. You have to know how to optimize your mobile site. Mobile web surfing is increasing which can make you money. It is imperative that your mobile site looks just like your main site. Usually a mobile site looks like a stripped down version of the main site. So when they go to your main site, from your mobile site, it needs to look the same. It is imperative that you fix any pages that don’t convert well into a mobile format on a smart phone. This is very typical for most websites. If this happens on several pages, make sure the mobile version does not include them.

Usability mistakes are a pretty big field of study that require effort to learn. And anytime you are working with this on your site, go slow and don’t make a lot of changes. If you’re not using any site tracking or analytics, then that right there is a big mistakes. Be careful about copycatting because it can get you in trouble, too.