Women: How To Succeed In The Dating Game

The main thing about what I’m going to be talking is noticing. The thing about getting a man to notice you, and feeling compelled to be with you is really about attraction.

  • How to get him to like you?
  • How to get his attention?
  • How to keep his attention?
  • How to get him really interested in you right off, interested in being with you, and then interested in the long haul, sticking around to get to know you as a woman and as a person?

The trick though is to get him to be compelled to be with you forever, without you doing any work at all to make it happen. It is about being strong on the inside and being soft on the outside, is what I call “strong surrender.” You already have this naturally, because you’re a woman. Now, I know we really don’t believe that most of the time, but it’s so true. Just because you’re a woman, you’re a magnet, you are a siren.

But, the way to unlock that, the big tool chest that I use call strong surrender, strong on the insider, soft on the outside. So, strong on the inside is like your core confidence. It’s that feeling that you’re centered, you’re grounded, you can do anything, you could say anything, and a man would love you just for who you are as yourself, no matter what.

The soft on the outside is like I’m a melty marshmallow on the outside so a man can reach in and touch my heart. This whole idea of being able to be open on the outside, because I feel so strong on the inside is where this is all about.

Most women are terrible with men. Some of them are like crumb takers. They do not know anything about their own power. Mostly, they do not know anything about men. Basically, they are so clueless, sometimes being in relationships for years with guys where it is all about friends with benefits for them.

These women have no idea. Sometimes men told me they were just friends, but I couldn’t believe that. I thought I could change that. No, they weren’t into me in that way. But, I was so closed up that I had no idea what romance and relationships were about. You need to begin creating patterns in your my life that may turn into a big tool of yours, which I call circular dating.


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