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Tips For People Who Bet Online

  • Make sure it is legal in the countyr you live in!
  • Never stake more than you can afford to lose
  • Do your research. If you are betting on a sports event make sure you know everything about the market you are betting on, and the teams or players involved
  • Get the best odds you can. Compare online bookmakers to get the best deal
  • Have a strategy or system and stick to it
  • Think long term, don’t give up or change your¬†strategy¬†if you have one losing bet, instead look at periods of month to month
  • Don’t give up your day job unless your sports betting is making you a regular profit over the long term
  • Consider using betting exchanges like Betfair to get better odds.
  • Have fun! It’s a hobby as well as a money maker, so if you don’t enjoy online sports betting then don’t do it.